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Ultimate Guide To Wilderness Living By John & Geri McPherson


Ultimate Guide To Wilderness Living
(Book Review)Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living

Written By: John & Geri McPherson

Published By: Ulysses Press, First Edition

Softcover, 316 Pages

From The Back Of The Book “During my first years of learning survival I took a course in survival and primitive earth skills taught by John and Geri McPherson.  I was excited by their unbelievable passion and their intrinsic understanding of survival.  Their teachings took me from understanding basic skills to a full-blown love for the ancient technologies that humans developed to survive.  John and Geri are the real deal.  They don’t just teach this stuff, they live it.  I loved the experience with them so much i came back a second time a few years later.  Now that I have traveled the world as Survivorman – experiencing and filming survival in every ecosystem there is – I can sit back and watch my shows and see John and Geri’s teachings peek through in every situation.  I have been able to understand survival because of John and Geri, and can highly recommend this book.  Les Stroud, AKA Survivorman”

Ultimate Guide To Wilderness Living is a very informative and well written book.  This book will give you the information you need to practice living in the wilderness.  It covers everything from building shelters, making fires and hunting and making meat.  I personally will start by trying to make a bow with my son when spring gets here in may.  I enjoyed this book immensely  and highly recommend it for anyone who is thinking of spending anytime out in the wilderness.

Ulysses Press

John & Geri McPherson


Ender In Exile By Orson Scott Card


ender2Ender In Exile
(Book Review)

Written By: Orson Scott Card

Published By: A Tor Book, Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, November 2008 First Edition

Hardcover, 369 Pages

From Front Book Flap:  “At the close of Ender’s Game, Andrew Wiggin – called Ender by everyone – knows that he cannot live on earth.  He has become far more than just a boy who won a game: He is the savior of Earth, a hero, a military genius whose allegiance is sought by every nation of the newly shattered Earth Hegemony.  He is offered the choice of living under the Hegemon’s control, a pawn in his brother Peter’s political games.  Or he can join the colony ships and go out to settle one of the new worlds won in the war.  The story of those years on the colony worlds has never been told…until now.”

Ender In Exile is a well written and entertaining book.  I started reading this book with a little apprehension with it being book 10 in a series.  I was worried that I would not understand some of what was going on in the book.  Mr. Card added enough back story so first time readers are not left in the dark.  Ender In Exile was written to take place mostly between chapter 14 and 15 of Ender’s Game.  Ender In Exile leads the reader from Ender leaving the military, to being in politics and finally to Ender leaving it all behind to find his place in the galaxy.  I really enjoyed reading this book the flow of the story was good, easy to follow and very entertaining.  I highly recommend this book.

A Tor Book, Tom Doherty Associates, LLC

Orson Scott Card