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Men With Balls By Drew Magery


Men With Balls The Professional Athlete’s Handbook
(Book Review)Men With Balls

Written By: Drew Magary

Published By: Little, Brown & Company a Division of Hachette Book Group Inc., First Edition

Hardcover, 288 pages

From The Inside Flap: This will be the very last book you ever read. Because after you read this book, you, good sir, will know how to be a pro athlete. And pro athlete’s don’t need books. Or strong family bonds. Or any of that stupid crap. Not when they have ready access to millions of dollars and scores of smoking-hot chicks with questionable judgement. With Men With Balls, you learn how to: Showboat using classic pantomime techniques, Exploit the recent death of an opponent’s parent for strategic gain, Figure out whether or not a stripper actually fancies you, Cope with the emotional fallout of rookie-year hazing games, like broomstick orifice potluck, Find out which free locker-room amphetamines will give you a shot of energy, and which will cause you to run down terrified schoolchildren with your Escalade (NOTE: Some do both), Avoid media scrutiny by directing beat writers and columnists to the nearest hot buffet. So grad your balls — you’re about to become a homerun hitting, steroid-injecting, angry-orgy-having Turbostud. They’re gonna need a whole ocean just to wash your jock. Is that better than reading? F–K and yes.

Men With Balls is the funniest book I have ever read. I found the book easy to read and well written. This book had me is stitches from the first page covering everything you need to know to be a Pro Athlete. It starts by with an introduction to Pro Athletedom and goes on to talk about teammates, fans, fame, women and many other things pro athletes have to deal with. I highly recommend this book for all sports fans or anybody with a sense of humour and an open mind.

Hachette Book Group Inc.

Drew Magery