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The Bomb That Followed Me Home By Cevin Soling


bombThe Bomb That Followed Me Home (Book Review)

Written By: Cevin Soling

Illustrated By: Steve Kille

Published By: Monk Media.  First Edition

Hardcover, 40 Pages

Product Description From We’ve all heard of stray cats following kids home or a lost puppy yelping by a kitchen door for food, but did you know that even a wayward little bomb needs love and attention too? When a bomb, looking for a friend, follows a young boy home, trouble breaks out in a suburban household that is just trying to keep peace with the angry neighbours next door.

The Bomb That Followed Me Home is one of the most amusing young adult books I have read and it made me smile.  I found that the story and the illustrations went well together and made my reading experience enjoyable.  I love the twist the author put on the old “puppy followed boy home” story.  I recommend this book for everyone 14 years of age and older.

Monk Media

Cevin Soling